Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Exclusive preview of new Earwig album! Side one!

We're still tracking, but the songs are taking shape and the record should be finished by the fourth quadrant of the year. So now I present to you all the songs (albeit in skeletal form) from the next Earwig album, "Porcupet Hiccups (Featuring Kittens)"

Track one, this is fun:

Track two, for you:

Track Three, Electric Jubilee:

Track Four, Here's Some More:

Track Five, might as well read "Columbus alive":

Track Six, flick yr bic's:

Track Seven (This is actually just studio chatter between me and Lizard):

Track Eight, (This is just me clowning around in the studjio):

Well, there's side one. Like I said, it's pretty skeletal. I'll put up what we have of side two tomorrow.

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