Thursday, June 19, 2008

New record preview part two!

I am a man of my word. Whatever that means. Earwig was on the cover of the Columbus alive today, and I'm as proud as can be (Captain Lizardo may show a respectable #8, But I'm #83, and that is a much higher number). But let's not live in the past. The new Earwig record is almost done and I'm here to show you what side two will look like. Here's a sneak peek:

I am especially proud of that song.
Song Ten:

Track Eleven, This Monkey's Gone To Heaven:

Track 12:

And finally, track thirteen (although, we're not done yet by any means):


The Invisible said...

You are certainly one odd fellow.


captain lizardo said...

What people probably don't realize is that we recorded "Maracas" in reverse. I had to learn all of that Spanish (not my native tongue) phonetically and then sing it backwards. We flipped it around and that's what you hear in the final version. We're getting VERY experimental...just wait until you hear the "hidden track" - 'Snoring Duck'. It will blow yr mind.

wags said...

Cerebral melancholic rock? That is so 2007. Get ready for Mexican Anthemic Emo. Timeless. Ya can't spell "rock" without "maracas".