Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wags' 2005 Tour Diary: Deluxe Expanded Reissue Vol. IV

Tues. night 7/26/05
So I totally got cut off and then we misplaced the book. I only have a few minutes because it it sure is hot 'n muggy here in RALEIGH, NC. Trying so hard to stop this book from falling into the wrong hands has proven to pay off in a very inconvenient way.

So ..... yada yada New York was cool. New Jersey, not so much. If you want details ask me later.*

I'm hung over from last night. A band of mine that is not Earwig** played Lil' Bros. in Columbus, and it was a hi-profile show*** so naturally we all got completely blinkered. Liz and I drove there from Jersey on Sat. night/Sun. morning so's I could have one final practice and snuggle with my lady before a solid month of swapping man-sweat in a minivan. So here I am, stuck in the middle with you-know-who. I think we've definitely decided to get the AC serviced before we go south (<- in more ways than one). Driving down here was like trying to drive a van thru a lake (trust us, it is not easy). The impending heat wave also does not bode well. We are frail men and we have needs. And desires. And right now I desires me some cool air.

We've discovered comedy records are best at keeping us awake and alert on the road, and we've also discovered how funny and educational they can be. So it'll be a lot of DAVID CROSS, LEWIS BLACK, TODD BARRY, MITCH HEDBERG (RIP), and BILL HICKS (also RIP) letting America laugh and letting us into our hearts. Or their hearts? We're playing King's Barcade tonite, with Drunk Horse, who I've heard is real good****. Oh, and ________ is here too. Can you hear 'em? Well I can, and really, isn't that enough? Better get into my Monkey Suit.
Big ups,


**Lord Hall (RIP)

***We opened for the Brian Jonestown Massacre. It was our first show as Lord Hall.

****They are.

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