Monday, January 5, 2009

Wags' 2005 Tour Diary: Deluxe Expanded Reissue Vol. V


7/28/05 Between Charlotte and Florida
There is an island off the coast of Virginia named Assawoman. Modest Town is next to it. There is a Dairy Queen in Bland, Va. that totally lives up to its name. There is a band called Drunk Horse that will rattle your testes loose, serve them to you and there will be no second helping but you will want more. Turns out the Melvins/Skynyrd comparison is right on. Their leadey singey guy, Eli, looks a lot like our friend Will Foster. They are good.

Road rule #47: Don't charge your cellular telephone at the club. You WILL forget it. And by "you", I mean "me". This pen is not good for left-handers. Smeary. I will see my phone in ALBBQ,NM when I see our friend Karl.

The last two nights we stayed with our friends Ryan and Brianna and last night we played with Ryan's band, Tonka Kong. They have a song called "The Human Robot". R + B are wonderful people and terrific hosts. I am so exponentially tired after last night's marathon of southern hospitality. It's all a kind of family thing down here, and most people are really eager to please. ------> Fun, Fun, Fun.

We are listening to a christian country radio station. Suddenly, life doesn't seem bad at all. Hey, southern radio sucks, but guess what? We got air conditioning, so feck it.

Somewhere there is a photo of Liz and I sleeping angelic-like in the same bed. Somewhere there are lots of photos. It is so hot down here. It's like the cover of Bebe Le Strange (<-another weblink perhaps?). We may stop at Bojangles' Chicken while we're out here.* I have made some new friends, including the Duchess of York.** She is nice. I look forward to some delicious sweet tee. And a nice nap.
Meet you on the other side-
Open up my mind, I'm Matt

*We didn't.

**Not the actual Duchess of York.

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