Monday, July 20, 2009

North High Alumni

I'm working on mixes with our producer Thom Boyer for Earwig's upcoming 4 song EP "North High Alumni". The record will include 'High Street Star', 'New Fight Song', 'Stop Dragging My Heart Around' and 'Love Song Redux'. The first 3 are songs were recorded with Justin Crooks on drums at the same sessions for our upcoming full length album. The last song, 'Love Song Redux' was recorded at our practice space with Earwig's fantastic new drummer George Hondroulis. The title for this EP was the working title for a long time of the full album we're releasing later this year. As work on the new album has progressed, it seemed a few of the older songs no longer fit with the mood of the rest of the record. So we pulled those songs off to make this shorter record and decided to use the working title for this 4 song EP. 'North High Alumni' will be available before the new album and we're working on details for something special with this release. Say tuned. The picture of the cover above is just my rough idea for the design. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Music of Action Sports!

I’ve mentioned a few times on Twitter that we’re working on a new song for a compilation CD that will be out this summer. The compilation CD is a promotional item for a sports marketing company out of Michigan called AGA (Adrenalin Games Alliance). Their aim is to produce quality action sports events in the Midwest and develop a distinct brand and style that also includes music. I’ve been in touch with them and am helping them to develop the music side of what they are doing. I’ve put together a collection of up and coming independent Midwest bands for this initial release on AGA Music. The CD will only be available from the bands involved and as a free give-away at AGA sporting events. I’m having my pal Pat Crawford at Spindle Studios in Columbus do the cover design and I’m having it mastered by Jon Chinn. Doing my best to keep it all local. The list of bands so far includes Earwig, The Hard Lessons, Hot Cha Chas, Javelin, Bookmobile, The Lost Revival, Chief, The Safes, The Silent Years, Mason Proper. There will probably be a few more. This compilation should be available at Earwig shows in August.