Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gibson Acoustic

Before we started overdubs and mixing for Gibson Under Mountain, I sat down with the producer, Mike Landolt, and recorded quick acoustic versions of all 11 songs. We just set up one mic and I took one shot at each tune. The idea was to establish a point of reference for each song, a basic template. Then, as we worked on overdubs, I posted one acoustic song each week on this blog along with notes about what we were recording that week and maybe the story behind the song. We’ve collected all 11 acoustic versions, had them mastered by Steve Warstler and are offering them together as a FREE album download in exchange for yr email address to add to our email list. I thought it might be fun to re-visit the blog posts about each song, in case you missed it before.

You can download the full Gibson Under Mountain Acoustic album here for FREE:

Here are the links to the blog posts for each song:

1. Trees -
2. Star Cross’d -
3. Not About You -
4. Her Heart -
5. Lovesong Cockroach -
6. Sleepyhead -
7. Next Christmas -
8. Glorious & Gloom -
9. Wicked -
10. Shiny Morning -
11. Rumplestiltskin -