Friday, May 9, 2008

Bambi vs. Lizard

I am a savior to the animals. Or at least I try to be. Although I'm not "exactly" Catholic, my patron Saint is Saint Francis. He was a good friend to the animals and he liked to talk to worms. That makes him pretty cool in my book (yes, I have a book). St. Francis was always down with helping an animal in need. I look to his example and we even have a small sanctuary (on the grounds of our secret compound, deep in the hills of Southern Ohio) that we call St. Francis park. In the picture above, you can see a few of the many St. Francis statues in the background. One day last spring, I was sitting in St. Francis park meditating when I heard Bambi's desperate calls and rescued her from a savage pack of canines. These days I'm mostly dealing with cold blooded creatures. I've recently saved several friendly turtles (Box turtles and Painted turtles, typically. Snapping turtles are very grumpy and can be down-right mean) and a few snakes. I also rescue cats. I have way too many cats, but that's another story altogether.

The song that wouldn't die

Earwig made a few trips down to The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. prior to actually starting work on ‘Center Of The Earth’. The sessions are run by the students and the bands get free recording time in exchange for serving as guinea pigs to their progress. We mostly used the sessions as rehearsals and often never even heard the final mixes. Most of the songs never even saw the light of day. The Workshop keeps the files around on a hard drive though and students can pick from their catalog for their final mix projects before graduating. Recent RW grad. Ralph Miller has posted his mix of Used Kids on his Myspace page . It’s funny because I don’t even remember recording that song there. He did a very good job on this alternate version. This is an early demo of Used Kids and it’s interesting to note the differences from the final album version. Check it out. If you dig it, leave him a comment.

Made by AmyD

My pal AmyD makes clothes. She designs everything herself and she has an expert eye, keeping her focus on making things stylish yet comfortable. Amy’s heart is in the right place too and she works hard to come up with ideas that re-use materials. You can find her awesome recycled coffee sleeves at Yeah Me Too coffee in Clintonville. She makes beautiful skirts, dresses, scarves, aprons, tops and more. But what she really excels at is business. She’s been a successful manager at the corporate level for a large book-store chain. In the 1990’s she owned and operated her own independent book, comic and zine store in Columbus called 'Joe Books'. These days, she’s turned her attention to her clothing business. She’s just opened her own AmyD shop at Java Central in Westerville and got a nice write-up in The Columbus Alive too. There’s just something about her clothes that appeals to my sharp, independent streak. I know that she doesn’t like the term, but I think “Fashion Maven” describes her well. If the shoe fits, wear it. That’s what I say. And while yr at it, check out AmyD’s Etsy shop and the official AmyD website . She’s Earwig’s #1 fashion consultant and even designed the outfit for the actress in our video for She Is A Witness. If you watch the whole thing, AmyD is in the video the end. She gets hit in the head with an Earwig cassette. We had to film that scene about 10 times! What a good sport...