Thursday, July 2, 2020

There’s so much going on in the world. 
There always is. 
I’ve been meaning to post an Earwig update for a while. I’ve been running full tilt with several different projects at once; they seem to be taking all of my available time. First and foremost I’m thankful for the long-overdue awakening/reckoning with respect to social and gender issues and massive systemic injustices against POC, Native people, LGBTQ communities, and more. The current protests and the BLM movement are the most important things happening right now. One way that I respond is by making more music and art. Even though I have not been able to directly participate in the protests, that’s where my heart is. For those of us that can’t be there in-person, I feel that bail funds and other avenues of activism are prime. I’m also respecting the change, reflecting on my own life, attitudes and the systemic racism/oppression that I may unwittingly support. I’m also just chilling the freq’ on my social media posts to let other voices be heard. I lost my job due to the shut-down, but I count myself lucky for my good health. My family and I are doing our best to stay safe, sane, and respectful during the pandemic. That definitely means wearing a mask, number one. What else am I up to? Well among other things…
- I’m building a tiny house in my yard for my 94-year-old mother-in-law to come and live with us, because she’s concerned about Covid. It’s a huge project and I’d be happy to post pictures/details if anybody’s interested.
- Earwig started work on our next album prior to the quarantine. We have not been able to get together as a band since a recording session in January. We’re currently working out ways to do remote recording and finish our album for release this year. Stay tuned.
- Holey Moley! As you may know I took a secret trip to Los Angeles in February and filmed a competitive mini golf competition TV show. It was super fun and I really appreciate everyone that is excited for my upcoming appearance on national television. They have not yet shown my episode, but should soon. I’ve been blogging about it a little and also have some upcoming pieces featured on
- NEW SONG: “In a world that’s beautiful and sad...”, when the quarantine started I wrote a song. It’s called “Forbidden Planet”. I hope Earwig will be able to record full band version for our album. For now I’m going to post the demo on Bandcamp. I don’t really need the money so I’m posting it for free/pay-what-you-want. Here’s the link...
- If you download it from Bampcamp this Friday ~ 7/3/20 (they are waiving their profit sharing fees again), please grab my song for $0 and spread some cash to a bail fund or other artists on that platform that are in need of your support.
- Thank you, Lizard 🤘🏼