Monday, May 10, 2010

Gibson Digital

“You’ve come to read my mind. Yes, yr in search of a subtle sign.“
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You’ve been waiting patiently. We appreciate that. It’s finally here, Gibson Under Mountain, Earwig’s glorious new album. Eleven of yr new favorite songs, we hope. You can officially go and download it now at the above link. The physical CDs, with awesome cover art by Ohio’s own Katie Kempton, will be available from the Earwig website in early June, though the new website is currently under construction and won’t be up for another couple of weeks. In the meantime, please help us spread the word and get this music out to the masses. Anything and everything you can do will help and everyone you mention the album to will secure you a special place in our hearts. Nothing here goes to waste.

track listing for
Gibson Under Mountain
1. Trees
2. Star Cross’d
3. Not About You
4. Her Heart
5. Lovesong Cockroach
6. Sleepyhead
7. Next Christmas
8. Glorious & Gloom
9. Wicked
10. Shiny Morning
11. Rumplestiltskin

About this album: All of these songs came in some form or another from dreams. A melody, a title, a feeling or even a full on song with chords and lyrics. It seems that about half the songs I write come this way. I don’t know why. But when I had a dream (*see below) that told me to name my album Gibson Under Mountain, I decided to pay attention to the advice. And it seemed like a good name for an album full of songs that came from the same place.

* Gibson Under Mountain
“All of the songs on Gibson Under Mountain come from dreams. The album title came in a dream too. In the dream, I’m sitting in the center of a huge movie theater all alone. It’s an older, well kept theater with a balcony, very much like Cinema East. The screen is monstrously tall and wide with velvet curtains hanging on either side. The silence is broken by the familiar sounds of the film starting it’s roll through the projector as the house lights go dark. The film is running, but the screen is blank, no images. As I sit patiently, a white light glows through the movie screen, filling it with large block letters. They read “Name your album GIBSON UNDER MOUNTAIN.” Simple and direct, with no sound or other images, the letters hang on the screen. After a time they dissolve and I can hear the sounds of the film rattling into the take up real as the screen goes blank. Not long after this dream, I started dream-writing most of the songs that would become the new Earwig album.” - Lizard McGee