Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Snakes

Living in the country is great. I love it. No neighbors, yard golf and loads of wild nature to contend with. I've seen Bambi, tangled with wild boars and coyotes, seen strange lights in the haunted woods. You name it, we've got it. There are aspects to this lifestyle that others might chaff at, but not me. We live in Ohio's largest state forest and one of the many things we have to contend with by being so far away from civilization is that there is no water service out here. We drink delicious spring water and get the rest of the water for household use from rain collection off of our roof into a cistern. You have to watch out because sometimes critters get in the cistern and can cause problems. When I checked it last week, I found... a nest of snakes! This was a situation that needed immediate attention. My daughter graciously climbed down in to the cistern (it's underground) to collect them all. Did I mention that my daughter is FEARLESS & AWESOME?! Seriously, she went down into this dark underground lair, captured 6 snakes by hand and brought them out in a bucket. She rocks. If you look close at the picture, you might be able to see all six snakes.

So, if you need some snake wrangling, give me a call and I'll see if she's available.


The Invisible said...

Those are GORGEOUS Kingsnakes! Did you keep any?
P.s. your daughter IS a bad-ass.

captain lizardo said...

We didn't keep any. They're plenty of them around in the spring and summer here close to the house and they are SUPER easy to catch. So we get to handle them a lot actually. That's why she's so non-plussed about it. Yeah, snakes are cool.