Sunday, March 13, 2011

Get yr VOTE on with Earwig

Earwig made the top 10 final bands to play CD101 Day in April in Columbus at the LC. If you don't know, CD101 Day is the annual big blow-out concert hosted by the best Radio Station in the WORLD, CD101. Being the local band on the bill is a fantastic ride and provides a huge boost to whatever local band lands the slot. We should know, Earwig played this concert in 2008. We'd love nothing more than to get that chance again...and YOU can HELP US do it!

This is a BIG deal and we really NEED YOUR HELP. Now that Earwig is in the finals, we need EVERYONE to log into the CD101 Lounge and VOTE for EARWIG.

PLEASE take just a few minutes to do this and it will make a BIG DIFFERENCE for us. We do appreciate it very much.

Remember! You need to vote by this Friday 3/18.
This should take less than 5 minutes and here’s all you need to do.

1. Follow this link
2. Sign up
If you’re not signed up already, it will ask you to sign up for the CD101 Lounge.
They will ask for your Name, Birthday, City and Zip Code
3. Click on the link that says
Vote for the CD101 Day Local Band!
4. Then, click on Take This Survey
vote for Earwig! (make sure you click the FINISHED button at the bottom)

Thank you! - Yr pals, Earwig

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