Monday, July 14, 2014

Holy Ghost Letter

Your Kingdom's coming down,
your Love has asked around
I'm coming with you,
we'll sway to the sound of an empty heart

I'll destroy you
and you will destroy me too
We're lost and loaded, let's all
go to Hell and sit by the window

Eating bitter still,
I woke up chasing smoke
I want to catch and hold
but I settled in
I'm much too slow

I'm already won,
oh so dear and young,
oh how I miss you son

In the dying light of a wasted life
I won't say goodbye
As you faded out I was not
looking back over my shoulder
My last look at you
won't be over my shoulder

I'm already won,
oh so dead and done,
oh how I miss you son

In the morning
I'll get up to go
and I'll leave this town
And I won't look back

I won't look back

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