Monday, August 14, 2017

Every Day Math

 Math and science are important. When I was in school I thought that I sucked at math. It intimidated me. Then I discovered quantum mechanics and realized how  math ties everything together. Painting is math. Playing guitar is math. Dreaming is math. It's literally the lynch pin and the foundation for all of reality. Everything that happens, happens because of math. 

Here's a song I wrote about math. 
It's called Every Day Math.

I'm waking up to a brand new day
With formulas to calculate
Everything that happens
It all happens because of math

It's like a game that we can play
Where you look, math every day
You don't need a plane to fly it
There's no excuse, let's try it!

It's in the Mona Lisa
It's in the Big Bang 
It's in the tower at Pisa
It's in the guitar twang

It's in the program running
How we learn,  math is where the fun is
It's Every Day Math

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