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 Purple Rain has always been an inspiration for me. It’s stuck in my head and fused with my musical DNA. In the novel ‘My Own Secret Service’, my character visits the dream realm of the UnReal while searching for the Enigma Guitar and eventually gets stuck there. As Lizard fights with the Dyslexia Society, the mysterious cabal that wants to rule the Multiverse, he learns that he needs a little help from his friends back in the waking world.   

 When looking for musical inspiration for this piece, of course I found it in Purple Rain. The talented duo of Wendy & Lisa serve as a foil to Prince in much the same way that The Hondroulis Brothers team up with Lizard in the novel. The music and dialog interlude that comes before the song ‘All My Sins Are Blotted Out’ was inspired by the “Is the water warm enough?” dialog between Wendy & Lisa from Purple Rain’s ‘Computer Blue’. Give this song another listen and you’ll be able to hear the connection.

This dialog is in Japanese. George and Costa are both speaking their parts and I do my parts. Mine is the very deep voice. George and Costa are on the far left and right. James coached us on the Japanese. Here’s the English translation.

Lizard: Hondroulis Brothers!
Hondroulis Brothers: Yes, Lizard.
Lizard: Is this the frequency?
Hondroulis Brothers: Yes, Lizard.
Lizard: Shall we begin?
Hondroulis Brothers: Yes, Lizard.

 George and Costa, also known as The Hondroulis Brothers, are the ones who answer his call and come to Lizard's aid. Earlier in the story, Lizard and the Hondroulis Brothers had met when they were the rhythm section for a band called Our Flesh Party, a Columbus band that Earwig had played some shows with.

 The Hondroulis Brothers had also discovered the existence of a mirror-image city of Columbus known as Capital City where demons and other multidimensional actors worked behind the scenes to control the Multiverse.The three become friends and allies as they struggle to eventually come together as Earwig and defeat Dyslexia Society demons to make rock and roll history! While Lizard is trapped in the UnReal, The Hondroulis Brothers discover a channel to reach him and join forces. I decided to add one of their cross-dimensional conversations to the album. 

There you have it. If you’ve ever wondered what all of the weird Japanese dialog on Earwig’s ‘Pause For The Jets’ was all about…now you know!

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