Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Zen Cats

(You can meet all of my cats in the video below)

The cat. Felis catus. A domestic species of small carnivorous mammal. I love cats. Maybe I love cats too much.

My family lives deep in the woods and people will sometimes abandon dogs and cats on our remote road just to get rid of them. We often find these discarded pets. A lot of times it's a mama cat and a litter of new kittens, so we find several at once. We can't just leave them to die in the woods so we take them home. We pay to have them all spayed and neutered then we try to find them homes. It can be hard to place all of them. We end up being the forever home for a lot of the strays. It's an expensive hobby and can be a wonderful pain in the ass. They say that you choose your own poison. Well, I guess my poison is cats.

How many cats live with me? Good question. 

Guess how many cats I have. Go ahead… just guess. No. It’s more. Nope. It’s more than that. Seventeen. I currently have seventeen cats. 

It's so many cats that sometimes I even forgot how many I have. When someone asks me to name all of my cats, I'm never able to remember them all. I feel like a failed member of Cats Anonymous... "My name is Lizard McGee and I have seventeen cats". I try not to even say that out loud because it’s like a spoken curse. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my cats. Even the ones whose names I can’t remember. They're all special in their own way and are a lot of fun too. Though they are sometimes horrible they are often comforting. Cats can be Zen as well. They help me focus. My cats are great company and they usually end up helping me when I'm working on a new song. Or even when I practice my putting.

The producers on Holey Moley found out that I had seventeen cats and wanted to know more about them (of course!) so I sent them this video. I think that they liked it a little too much. When I showed up on set, I thought that they were going to turn me into the Crazy Cat Guy instead of a Rockstar! The truth is that I’m happy being both. Everything works out in the end. On Holey Moley I'm pitted against another golfer and cat lover named Giovani. The funny thing is that when Giovani and I met we became friends and bonded over our shared love of our cats without knowing that we were going to play against each-other. We were surprised when the producers revealed to us that we would be competing golfers. Our interactions that you see on the show are very genuine, in-the-moment and real. Giovani is super awesome and a great person who genuinely loves his cats!

This is a video I made about my cats and my love for golf.

By the way, my cats have their own Instagram account, if you want to follow them just search for @trashcatsofappalachia

Instagram: Trash Cats of Appalachia  @trashcatsofappalachia

I'll be a featured player on ABC's Holey Moley extreme mini golf show on Thursday 5/28

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Who doesn't love some good kitty company?